• Macedon Ranges

    Sustainable Living Festival

    Expo | Saturday 27th February

    Community Picnic | Sunday 28th February

  • Sustainable Living Expo

    Saturday 10am to 4pm

    A showcase of sustainable living ideas in the Woodend town centre.

    Entry is $10 for Adults, $5 for kids and $25 for families.

    Included in the ticket price is entry to our satellite event, the Art of The Mill exhibition at the Black Forest Timber Mill.

    Free entry for members of the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group (join up on the day)

  • Community Picnic

    Sunday from 12:30pm

    Wind down on Sunday with a relaxing and entertaining picnic at the Woodend Children's Park.

    • Live music with some great local bands including: 

    12:35pm     Mosey (Bridie, Jimmy and Issac)

    1:15pm        Zoe Fox

    2:10pm        David Jurianz

    3:10pm        Jarrod Shaw and Sarah Wilkinson

    • Vox pop with Bushy from RRR
    • Old-time games for kids (big and small)
    • Valet parking for bikes including bike tune-ups
    • Western Water with the H20 Water Cafe
    • Vegetarian burgers for sale

    BYO picnic rug and anything else you need to relax and unwind ...

    Entry to the park is free.

  • Fesitival Venues

    Woodend Community Garden and Hub

    The Woodend Community Garden and Hub has been the home of the festival for the past six years. This beautiful site in Woodend is home to our local permaculture garden and provides a great site for all of our nature, food and community related festival activities.

    Woodend Farmers' Market Site

    All of our house design and technology exhibitors will be located on the site of the monthly Woodend Farmers' Market, just a short stroll across the carpark from the Community Garden and Hub. This site will also be home to out electric vehicle display.

    Black Forest Timber Mill

    The Black Forest Timber Mill is an exciting industrial site once used as a sawmill and now being re-purposed as an arts and design precinct. This site will host the "The Art of the Mill" exhibition.

    Woodend Children's Park

    The Woodend Children's Park is the inspiring example of what can be achieved when a group of like-minded community members come together around a common cause.  This site will host the inaugural Community Picnic with live music, food and old-time games.

  • Art of The Mill

    'Art of the Mill' is the inaugural group exhibition presented by No Fixed Address Gallery and exclusive to this years Sustainable Living Festival. NFA Gallery will be bringing a large selection of street art and graffiti to the festival with artists including Adnate, Unwell Bunny, Kid Silk, Grizzle, Facter, Ohnoes, the Arts Hole studio crew, local artist GT Sewell, and many more!


    Ariana Leane (of NFA Gallery) has developed this event with the assistance and mentoring of Alex McCulloch (of Alex McCulloch Art Consultancy) and Ken McGregor (of the Australian Street Art Festival).

  • Community Forums

    We're trying something a little bit different on Saturday with the introduction of community forum spaces. We're running a series of conversations, each with an expert panel and facilitator to keep things on track. Conversations will run for about 40 minutes with each morning topic repeated in the afternoon.

    The Garden

    Nature, Food & Community

    Woodend Community Garden and Hub

    Saturday Morning

    10:30 - Nature and climate change

    11:15 - Sustainable food

    12:00 - Collaborating for success


    Saturday Afternoon

    1:45 - Nature and climate change

    2:30 - Sustainable food

    3:15 - Collaborating for success

    The Green

    House Design & Technology

    Woodend Farmers' Market Site

    Saturday Morning

    10:30 - Sustainable house design

    11:15 - Electric vehicles

    12:00 - Renewable energy

    Saturday Afternoon

    1:45 - Sustainable house design

    2:30 - Electric vehicles

    3:15 - Renewable energy

  • Solar Project Launch

    Just in case you haven't been paying attention lately - over the past year the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group has been working hard to install a 30kW solar PV system at the Black Forest Timber Mill - aiming to make the current operations on site largely self-sufficient.


    Join us on Saturday at 1pm when Lily D'Ambrosio, the Victorian Minister for Energy and Resources will officially launch the system. The solar project is one of the first community energy projects of its kind with the sale of electricity to The Mill feeding into the Macedon Ranges Renewable Energy Fund.

  • Tech Exhibitors

    Woodend Farmers' Market Site


    With over 6000 members and 14 active branches across Australia, our festival partner the Alternative Technology Association (ATA) has inspired people to live sustainably in their homes and communities since 1980. They provide expert, independent advice on energy efficiency, solar power, rainwater tanks, materials reuse and waste.

    Beyond Zero Emissions

    Beyond Zero Emissions is the award-winning Australian NGO and climate solutions think-tank. We aim to transform Australia from a 19th century fossil fuel based, emissions intensive, economy to a 21st-century renewable-energy-powered clean-tech economy.

    Yes 2 Renewables

    Yes 2 Renewables is Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s campaign for 100 per cent renewable energy.
    The campaign works with communities, workers, unions, businesses, and other stakeholders to build a strong and diverse pro-renewable energy constituency that can’t be ignored.


    BREAZE Energy Solutions is a Team of Energy Consultants working throughout the Central Highlands passionate about finding the right Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency solutions for homes, businesses and community organizations. Talk to us about solar power, solar and heat pump hot water and LED lighting.


    EnviroShop is Australia’s leading environmental products retailer: from socks to solar panels; composting to cleaning; and paints to pest control. They also design, supply and install customised systems including solar power, battery storage, solar hot water, heat pumps, commercial lighting and energy efficiency.



    EcoMaster improves the energy efficiency of existing buildings through tailored retrofit solutions, without the need for structural changes. Their expertise spans: tailored thermal efficiency assessments; professional draught proofing; secondary glazing; and ceiling, underfloor and wall insulation.

    Green Design Solutions

    Green Design Solutions is a Design and Planning Consultancy that Listens to your individual needs and tailors sustainable and livable solutions to meet your needs for now and in the future. Provides a personalised approach that supports ideas creation, concept development, building design and town planning.

    Illuminate with Solar

    Illuminate with Solar distribute personal and household solar lighting kits for:

    desk and night lights

    camping and caravans

    emergency lighting

    outdoor general lighting and gifts.

    TCK Solar

    TCK Solar P/L intalls the highest quality solar systems:

    Solon SOLbond frameless panel glued flat on low pitch metal roofs;

    Whisper quiet Sanden Heat pump hot water system - a perfect way to use the excess power from a solar installation.


    2Scale specialise in:

    Design of new homes & extensions

    Bushfire Attack Level reports (BAL)

    Town planning docs

    Sketch design & planning

    Kitchen & bathroom design

    Builder's quotation Drawings

    Project specifications

    A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems

    A&A Worm Farm Waste Systems supply and install sustainable Wastewater treatment systems which use the latest worm technology. The Worm Farm Waste System processes sewage, organic garbage and waste water, this all natural process produces no smells, is chemical free, has low running costs and has minimal service requirements.

    Earthworker Cooperative

    Earthworker Cooperative facilitates the establishment of worker-owned cooperatives throughout Australia in sustainability-focused industries.
    Their first project is Eureka’s Future - a worker-owned factory in Morwell producing and installing Australian-made solar hot water systems. This project provides sustainable jobs for the coal-dominated Latrobe Valley community.

    Essential Solar

    Essential Solar is a 100% Australian owned and operated local business. We install high quality solar panels and inverters to homes and businesses and we are committed to providing the right solution to every customer by tailoring a systems to their individual needs.

    Dragon NRG

    Dragon NRG supplies and installs biomass boilers for heat production.  This technology displaces fossil fuel use, reduces energy costs for businesses and individuals and relieves pressure on landfill
    facilities.  Our company also aims to maximise community benefit through job creation and the development of direct investment links with community facilities.

    Flexdrive Rotomoulding Pty Ltd

    Flexdrive Rotomoulding is a local manufacturer of quality rainwater tanks, cartage tanks and a host of customer specific plastic mouldings. We have a diverse range of sizes and shapes of water tanks available to suit almost all requirements. Please see our website for further information. www.flexdrive.com.au


    ANY bike can get a new lease on life with a REV electric kit added.  Riders can travel further and faster by bike, avoiding the costs, social and environmental issues of driving, while improving health outcomes.  A range of power options are available, from the road-legal 250w through to 1500w for off-road riding.  See www.rev-bikes.com for more info.

    MASH2 - Solar Bulk Buy

    MASH2 is the second round of a community solar panels bulk-buy for households in Mount Alexander Shire and neighbouring shires including Macedon Ranges. It is organised by the Hub Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation based in Castlemaine, Victoria.

    SunEdison Australia

    SunEdison is the world's largest renewable energy company, transforming the way energy is generated, distributed and owned around the globe. They will be performing free, tailored rooftop solar assessments.

    Fairweather Homes

    We take the worry out of building an architect-designed home to suits your lifestyle, site & budget. As industry leaders in sustainable modular housing since 1982 you can relax knowing your home is designed right for you and the environment.

    Solar Solutions Design

    We are a market leading, multi-award winning company designing stunning energy efficient and healthy buildings without compromising style.
    We combine your ideas and our experience to create unique homes that achieve the highest energy ratings and comfort levels to suit your site.
    We are committed to delivering the highest quality service at an affordable price.

    Tri Nature

    Tri Nature is 100% Australian made and owned. ALL products are plant based; gentle and effective. Great for allergy suffers; septic and grey water systems; concentrated products including laundry; kitchen; cleaning; body & hair; baby & kids; dog products and more. Cruelty Free; Safe around Children; NO soap; petrochemicals: phosphates

    CERES Mobile Energy Classroom

    We have transformed a retired ambulance, previously used to save lives, into a vehicle now used to save the planet!  Join our interactive sessions to explore renewable energy technologies: generate your own energy, see solar panels making electricity to power common appliances and learn how to be part of the solution.

    Supernatural Group Pty Ltd

    We offer a full range of Sustainable Building Design and Drafting services for a range of budgets and clients. We service all of Melbourne and regional areas including Gisbourne, Sunbury, Melton, Bacchus Marsh, Ballarat, Daylesford, Hepburn Springs, Macedon Ranges. www.supernaturalgroup.com.au

    Electric vehicle expo

    Sit behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf, Mitsubishi MiEV or Holden Volt, and see how to convert your gas guzzler into a lean, green, electric machine.  Test ride an electric bike and check out a range of e-bike conversion kits.

    Under the Branches - solar lighting kits

    We supply Barefoot Power's indoor solar lighting kits to homes and schools in Africa, and here in Australia where they are perfect for off-grid living and camping.

    Black Forest Timber Mill

    The Mill owners will display their exciting development plans for this iconic local site, which include on site renewable energy generation, accommodation, arts and entertainment. The Mill is also home to the Woodend Community Solar Project (see above).

    Dolly's Sister

    Dolly’s Sister Vegan Cafe & Bar is the result of the most amazing reception by the public of Simply Vegan Cuisine’s “Dolly Bus” , Australia’s first fully vegan mobile food van. Steve & Lisa are passionate vegans who believe that food should be kind, compassionate, sustainable, healthy and incredibly tasty.

    Ausco Solar

  • Food and Garden Exhibitors

    Woodend Community Garden and Hub

    Goloka Vegetarian

    We are a pop up kitchen serving sanctified pure vegetarian food at events such as shows and festivals and markets around the Macedon Ranges. www.golokaveg.com.au

    Woodend Community Permaculture Garden

    The Woodend Community Permaculture Garden is located at The Garden site.  It was developed in 2008 by the Woodend Sustainable Living Community and demonstrates permaculture principals in action so visitors can learn and use ideas at home. Permaculture (permanent agriculture) involves the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems.

    MR VEG

    The Macedon Ranges Vegetarian Eating Group (MR VEG) is part of MRSG and was commenced in September 2011. It is open to anyone interested in the experience of preparing and eating vegetarian food and all the social, health, environmental, and culinary issues raised by this. You do not have to be a vegetarian to participate, just interested in vegetarian food.

    Artist as Family

    Artist as Family is a performance collective based in Central Victoria. They document their everyday walk (and bike ride) away from a high reliance on money and fossil fuels to regenerative and local economies. Their book The Art of Free Travel was published in 2015.

    Woodend Bee-Friendly Society

    The Woodend Bee-Friendly Society is a working group of the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group that seeks to promote the sharing of knowledge about beekeeping between aspirants, novices, and experienced beekeepers in Woodend and surrounding areas. The main aim of this Society is to promote best practices for sustainable beekeeping in the local area.

    The Wilderness Society

    The Wilderness Society is an Australian, community-based, not-for-profit, non-governmental environmental advocacy organisation. Our purpose is to protect, promote and restore wilderness and natural processes across Australia for the survival and ongoing evolution of life on Earth. We work to safeguard our sources of clean water and air, to tackle devastating climate change, to create a safe future for life on Earth, and to give a better world to our children. Visit our stall to find out how you can get involved in the movement for nature.

    Upper Campaspe Landcare Network

    The UCLN represents 16 Landcare Groups along the Campaspe and Coliban Rivers. Groups in the Network are involved in protecting waterways, restoring native vegetation, preserving and enhancing wildlife habitat and building walking tracks. They establish wildlife corridors, biolinks, develop partnerships with community groups, and provide community education about environmental issues.

    Macedon Ranges Community Exchange

    Macedon Ranges Community Exchange offers an alternative way to participate in the local economy by trading skills, services and products without using cash. Studies show community currencies and time banking are the best ways to build community connectedness and resilience. Participating in the Community Exchange strengthens your local community and can improve your quality of life.

    The Home Produce Exchange

    The Home Produce Exchange is a great gathering of locals who share, learn and encourage growing food at home. The sorts of things exchanged are surplus home grown fruit, vegetables, herbs and preserves; seedlings, propagated cuttings, potted plants and saved seeds; eggs and chooks; manure and mulch, compost and worm juice; unwanted garden tools and hardware; recipes and advice.

    It Takes A Village

    It Takes A Village (ITAV) is a not-for-profit incorporated volunteer community organisation whose purpose is to provide services, support and resources to members of our community who are aged or who have a life limiting illness, and their families. ITAV will advance community education, health and wellbeing by providing heart based services, support and resources to members of the community who are aged or who have a life limiting illness, and their families. We aim to build capacity in compassionate Australian communities at end of life.

    Newham & District Landcare Group

    Newham & District Landcare Group protects and links remnant vegetation. This encompasses pest plant and animal control, rehabilitation of waterways and roadside activities.


    Edgar's Mission

    Edgar’s Mission is a not for profit Farm Sanctuary that seeks to create a humane and just world for humans and non-humans. Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary is set on 153 peaceable acres situated just outside of Lancefield, nestled in the tranquillity of the Macedon Ranges.

    Woodend Library

    Woodend Library will present a range of resources related to Sustainable themes at the Festival. There will also be play area for young children. Come to Woodend Library the week before the Festival for information on sustainable living and related activities for children. Check the Goldfields website for details

    Woodend Landcare

    Woodend Landcare have been active in Woodend for more than 20 years. Over the years, we've undertaken an enormous amount of voluntary work restoring and improving habitat along the Five Mile Creek and in other areas around Woodend including Slatey Creek Reserve and various Railway and VicRoads reserves. We always welcome new faces at our monthly Working Bees and in the Thursday Crew.

    Ashbourne Landcare Group

    ALG's aim is to promote and facilitate an ecologically diverse and sustainable natural and agricultural environment within Ashbourne, approximately 10 km west of Woodend. Our main objective is to restore the Campaspe river environs and save, protect and enhance declining endemic flora in this area by weed eradication, stock-proofing and revegetation.

    Macedon Ranges Shire Council

    Macedon Ranges Shire Council will provide detailed information and engage in discussions on local biodiversity issues and sustainability messages.

    The Green Hand Institute

    We already have everything we need to live sustainably.

    The Green Hand Institute skills you up to get on with it.

    We teach you things, design and make things you can’t buy and offer ideas to solve your sustainability problems. greenhand.net.au

    RedBeard Bakery & Wild Ferment 2016

    Grab RedBeard's famous sourdough bread and buns and get information on the Wild Ferment Gathering in Castlemaine on 6 March 2016.

    www.redbeardbakery.com.au, www.wildferment.org

    Woodend Toy Library

    Let the kids join in fun craft activities between 10am and 1pm, while you check out the benefits of our affordable membership. We have new and recycled toys for kids aged 6 months to 7 years, including indoor, outdoor, imagination, educational and construction toys. We are open every Thursday and Saturday 10am - 11am.

    Morris Outside

    We are known by many a farmer, gardener and trades person for manufacturing high quality protective wear, such as our popular Boot Guard and Kangaroo High Performance Leather Gloves, made from locally supplied leather. www.morrisoutside.com.au

    Three Acres and a Cow

    Three Acres and a Cow provides a number of courses, services, and products that will equip and enable you to provide more fresh food for your family from your own property.

    CERES - plant a seed

    Build your own sustainable pot from recycled paper, plant a seed, take home it home and watch it grow. Also discover the secret ingredients to a killer compost.

    The Green Cocky

    Soil health is paramount to the production of good quality produce from our land and understanding and supporting soil health is the key focus of The Green Cocky.  The Green Cocky soil support systems can be applied to any land, whether it be the back yard vegetable garden or large scale farming enterprises.


    Harnessing the natural cleaning power of microfibre technology and water, our Enjo cleaning fibres bring a quick and easy solution to healthy cleaning.

    Biochar with Jim Sansom

    A small tagline

    Ancient soil treatment re-discovered for the future

    Community Cake Stall

    A small tagline

    All profits support the work of the Macedon Ranges Sustainability Group.

    Friends of Hanging Rock

    We work to enhance Hanging Rock by:

    preserving its unique natural characteristics

    restoring the remnant natural ecology of its surrounds

    encouraging the public to experience and value the Rock.

    Macedon Ranges Green Energy Coalition

    We aim to encourage participative democracy, and to persuade our local council to implement the aspirations of the Macedon Ranges Clean Energy Petition.

    Woodend Neighbourhood House

    Drop in and say hello; find out what's on at the House and sign up for the 2016 Woodend Whole Town Garage Sale on Saturday 19 March. Remember, your trash is someone else's treasure! It's a great way to get to know your neighbours and clear our out shed or better still, find a bargain!

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